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What are the side effects of long term use of proton pump inhibitors? Although PPIs have had an encouraging safety profile, recent studies regarding the long-term use of PPI medications have noted potential adverse effects, including risk of fractures, pneumonia, Clostridium difficile diarrhea, hypomagnesemia, vitamin B 12 deficiency, chronic kidney disease, and dementia.
When should I take PPI for GERD? Medication do's and don'ts Take PPIs on an empty stomach and eat something 30 to 45 minutes later. Take PPIs first thing in the morning unless told otherwise by your doctor. If you are instructed to take a PPI twice daily, take the second dose before dinner, not at bedtime.
How can I heal my esophagus naturally? Lifestyle and home remedies Avoid foods that may increase reflux. Use good pill-taking habits. Lose weight. If you smoke, quit. Avoid certain medications. Avoid stooping or bending, especially soon after eating. Avoid lying down after eating. Raise the head of your bed.
Can you die from GERD? Esophageal cancer In very serious cases, untreated GERD (and subsequent Barrett's esophagus) can lead to cancer of the esophagus. The main risk factors are smoking, drinking alcohol, poor diet, and chronic reflux disease.
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