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VisionTV and SCN sign-on for the development of Angel’s dramedy series Flatearth E.R.

28 August 2009 Written by 

Angel is very excited to announce that VisionTV and SCN have moved their project Flatearth E.R. into development this fall.  Flatearth E.R. went into VisionTV’s national call for proposals in July, and was selected out of 270 projects to begin development.

Flatearth E.R. – Dramedy Series (13 x 30)

Dr. Anika Kroeker has arrived from Cape Town, South Africa.  The good people of Flatearth are thrilled that they can finally reopen the Emergency Room that has been unstaffed for six years.  Old Doc Maguire is a little more ambivalent.  Never a surgeon, he should be happy to have some real help.  But his instinct tells him Anika is never going to fit in, and will probably move on to a big city pretty soon; his fear is that she won’t.  Doc’s comfortable existence is about to be shaken up and worse, he thinks the town might ‘put him out to pasture’.  Pride and prejudice, mixed with a healthy dose of stubbornness, is a perfect prescription for this heartfelt dramedy.