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Angel receives Corus Made with Pay Funding for another feature film

04 January 2010 Written by 

Angel Entertainment is very excited to receive Corus Made with Pay development funding for their feature film project Recruiting Lindsay Morgan.

The project writers are Paula Tiberius and Tanya Henley.

Recruiting Lindsay Morgan is a feature comedy about a self-centred, money-focused business woman who makes a bad deal on Bay St and has to disappear from the scene to avoid arrest. With her assets siezed, the only flight out of town she can afford is to Regina.

While trying to figure out exactly why she's on the run, she hides out at the RCMP training Depot, where she's forced to surrender her dog-eat dog mentality to become a team player. Using her new cop skills, she navigates being pursued by mobsters, falls for a thug and finds out her phony colleagues in Toronto have screwed her over royally. She learns the meaning of trust and who really has her back.