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Angel Entertainment Acquires Film Rights

02 September 2010 Written by 

Waiting For Columbus Heading For Big Screen

Waiting for Columbus

For immediate release:

September 1, 2010, (Toronto, ON) – Angel Entertainment Corp. has optioned the film rights to Thomas Trofimuk's acclaimed new novel, Waiting For Columbus (McClelland and Stewart). Set in a present-day Spanish mental institution, Columbus is a mystery wrapped in a love story between a man who believes he is Christopher Columbus and his psychiatric nurse, who fears the truth is much darker.

Angel Entertainment is in negotiations with KanZaman Productions, Madrid (Kingdom of Heaven, My Life In Ruins, Goya's Ghosts) to coproduce. José Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries, Letters To Juliet, On The Road) is in talks to adapt the novel for the big screen.

Bob Crowe of Angel says he has big plans for this film. "Waiting For Columbus is an amazing story that challenges both emotionally and intellectually. I'm gratified that Oscar-nominated José Rivera was as attracted to it as much as we were. And to go into production with a company like KanZaman will ensure that this international coproduction attracts the very best of elements."

Denise O'Dell of KanZaman saw the potential for Columbus right away. "We believe this film will have exceptionally strong international appeal, blending a story that spans the old world and the new, a well-known backdrop for an intensely modern drama."

Waiting For Columbus has been described by various authors as "a wonderful, mad mongrel of a book" replete with "landmines planted in your subconscious, waiting to explode with pathos and beauty when you least expect it"; "a riveting meditation on identity, loss, and the fragility of our own life stories" whose central idea is "a masterstroke". The Globe and Mail compares Columbus to D.M. Thomas' masterpiece The White Hotel and to A.S. Byatt's Possession: "Thomas Trofimuk's novel throws you for a loop, pulls you back, twists you around and opens your eyes to the world not just as it was, but as we find it."

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Angel Entertainment Corp

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